Green construction, energy saving and environmental protection actions can be captured everywhere at the construction site of the new capital CBD project.
CSCEC (Egypt) has built a waste water recycling station to purify about 400 cubic meters of water per day, and used the purified water for greening and dust reduction to improve water use efficiency. Solar energy is used for lighting and domestic water heating, partially replacing the generator. The installation of 103 60-watt LED solar street lamps on the main road saves more than 170,000 Egyptian pounds in electricity cost per year. Furthermore, CSCEC (Egypt) uses sprinklers regularly to reduce dust and improve the construction conditions.
With regards to the selection of building materials, CSCEC (Egypt) recycles the aluminum alloy formwork to improve resource utilization, applies environmental-friendly curtain wall materials, which showcases the advantages of utilizing energy saving and environmental protection methods, as well as uses Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) and other environmental protection technologies to improve production efficiency.
In light of local conditions, CSCEC (Egypt) has adopted various green construction measures to promote harmony between humanity and nature and build a beautiful and green homeland together with the Egyptian people. Click the video to learn more about the green construction measures at the CBD project site!
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